Tip: esc Key on iPad Keyboard

In adoc Studio, the esc key opens our syntax help ‘adoc Coach’. How to open the menu on iPads with an external keyboard where the key is missing.

Solution 1 - Keyboard Shortcut

Apple offers a keyboard shortcut as a substitute for the Escape key. Hold down the Command key and simultaneously press the period key (.), achieving the same effect as pressing the esc key. This solution works not only with iPadOS but also with macOS.

Solution 2 - Keyboard Mapping

Another solution is key remapping, also known as keyboard mapping. This allows you to replace any key on the keyboard with another, in this case, the Escape function. To do this, open the "Settings" on iPadOS and tap on "General". Select "Keyboard" and tap on "Hardware Keyboard". This option only appears when a hardware keyboard is connected. Then tap on "Modifier Keys". In our case, choose "Caps Lock Key", as it is rarely used, and set it to function as the "Escape". From now on, pressing Caps Lock key will trigger the esc function. This way, you can access all attributes in adoc Studio with a single key.

The syntax help, adoc Coach

Adoc Coach is the built-in syntax help with AsciiDoc attributes, facilitating quick immersion into AsciiDoc.

• Press the esc key to open the adoc Coach menu. Enter a term like "Image" and select the appropriate attribute from the list.

• A formula for the image appears with gray placeholders. Tap on the placeholders and input the values, such as title, filename, or additional options.

• Tap "Filename". Initially blank until media is added to the project. Existing media appears in a selectable list.

• Tap "Options" to view a dropdown menu with all relevant choices, including image alignment and more. Non-essential values display with a small x-symbol on the right side and can be removed directly if necessary.

To add new media, tap "Media" in the sidebar and follow the instruction in the preview field: "No content. Tap and hold to add content."

You can find further information in the blog post about adoc Coach.

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