Happy Release Day!

We are live! adoc Studio 1.0 is now available in the App Store. Try our integrated writing environment for AsciiDoc today.

The time has finally come. As of today, adoc Studio 1.0, the first full version of our AsciiDoc writing environment, is available. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the beta phase. Thanks to your diligent testing, we were able to stabilize adoc Studio in a very short time. Thank you very much!

What is adoc Studio?

adoc Studio is an integrated writing environment for Mac and iPad. It's like an IDE that provides you with the best possible support when writing technical documentation. We use the markup language AsciiDoc, a simple markup language - quick to learn but powerful. Our software enables you to organize, write and exchange texts. Show or hide text passages with our conditions to export a specific document for multiple audiences. When you're done, export your project to different formats (e.g. HTML and PDF) using CSS styles.

New Features

STEM Formulas & Equations

In the last update, we already teased that the STEM formulas & equations from AsciiDoc will soon be integrated. The function has now been implemented. We have already had a lot of fun creating equations like these:

For those interested: This is the source code for the equation.



Life = \operatorname{\Huge\int}_ {birth}^{death} \frac{happiness}{time} \Delta time


The equations were integrated via the "MathJax" plug-in. Thanks to this plug-in, we were able to integrate a long list of TeX/LaTeX extensions into adoc Studio.

To activate the function in your document, you must activate the :stem: attribute in the document header. You can also specify here whether you want to use asciimath or latexmath as notation. The notations differ in terms of user-friendliness and scope. While asciimath has a simpler syntax, latexmath offers you the full LaTeX scope. A list of all possible commands in MathJax can be found here.

New concept for the completion menu

We also have another highlight: Since the last beta version, the completion menu for AsciiDoc syntax has been completely revised. Now you can find all AsciiDoc elements via the menu and make your text shine in no time at all.

There are 3 ways to do this:

  1. You know the AsciiDoc syntax: Then simply enter the command and the menu will suggest further options for completion. In the case of images, for example, you can insert parameters for the size.

  2. You do not know the syntax, but you know which element you want to use: Then simply write which element you want to include in the text. For example, if you enter image, the completion automatically suggests the syntax for image::.

  3. You want to browse through the list of elements: Then press the ESC key to call up the menu. Now you can click through all the elements that can be used at this point in the text.

Try it out for yourself. The new completion feature makes it easy to get to know AsciiDoc and enrich your texts.

Try adoc Studio free for 14 days

You can now download adoc Studio from the Apple App Store. After the free trial period, you can choose between a monthly ($19.99 per month / user) and annual subscription ($199.99 per year / user). In either case, you will receive both our macOS and iOS versions in a bundle.

We are always happy to answer any further questions and requests. We always have an open ear for you in our forum. We pride ourselves on our fast customer support, so you won't have to wait long for an answer.

But with 1.0, we are of course nowhere near the end of the journey. That's why we are always happy to receive feature suggestions. You can find our current development roadmap at Canny.io.

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